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How to ship special items
If the dangerous goods are shipped improperly, it may hurt you, the driver, the recipient, some items classified as dangerous materials may be unexpected, such as perfume or cosmetics, mobile phones or laptops, if you do not To determine if your shipment is dangerous, request a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) from the manufacturer or supplier. If the UN number is included, it is dangerous. If you have questions about whether your shipment can be shipped, you can call -400 6359 800

What counts as dangerous?
Aircraft on Ground (AOG) spares
Aircraft spares/equipment
Automotive parts - car, motor, motorcycle, racing car parts - may contain air bag inflators, fuel tanks containing fuel, shocks/structs filled with nitrogen, wet
Breathing apparatus
Camping Equipment
Inter-company material
Diagnostics specimins
Electrical equipment
Film crew or media equipment
Fuel control units and systems
Household goods - may contain corrosiv es (bleach, drain or oven cleaners etc), gases (aerosols, propane etc), flammable liquids (adhesives, paints, polishes), flammable solids (matches)
Laboratory/testing equipment
Machine parts - could contain adhesives, cylinders of compressed or liquefied gases, paints, sealents, wet and lithium batteries, mercury etc
Magnets and items of similar material
Medical supplies or equipment
Novelties - could contain cigarette lighters, fireworks etc

Whose responsibility is this?
It is the responsibility of the consignor to ensure that the dangerous goods are properly declared, packaged and labeled, with the correct origin, shipping and destination documents.

How should dangerous goods be transported?
Please contact your local MC Account Manager who will guide you through the shipping process.

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