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Corporate Culture
What's MC's corporate culture?
To be the most customer-experience-focused company in China.

Every single customer's satisfaction and their companies' growth are always MC's unremitting pursuit.
We deliver tons of  packages and documents every day with care and attention, knowing that every package is quite important for you and your customers. Regardless of shipments' weight and distance, we are always meticulous in every delivery. And we are always ready to listen to your demands and customize our service anytime and anywhere.
Even if delivery deadline is tomorrow or delivery needs to be revised with new destination, we'll surely accept your requirements and fulfill our mission.
We are proud of our huge network and advanced technology, but we know that the essence of success is the sincere cooperation between each member of your company and each employee in MC.
The customer representative from MC for you knows about you and your business demands and have a close contact with balance 3,000 employees in MC, striving to deliver your documents, packages or containers to your destination and expand your business beyond the barriers from boundaries, distance, language and currency.
Connecting people and companies around the world to support business expansion is always our mission!

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