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Information Technology
Compared with competitors, MC attaches more importance to quality and efficiency while less importance to the application of advanced technology. The senior leaders in MC's Information Service Department admitted, "If you were in our information service agency in 2005, technically what you were in is actually an agency in 1995."
Now after shippers print shipment label in MC system, all data will be uploaded into MC's huge electronic tracking system in a real-time manner. Meawhile, shippers can inquire these data online and even see consignees' signature. Road traffic situation and customers' onsite shipment pickup demands can be transferred to drivers via DIAD.
Even with decades of ground transport experience, MC still plans each driver's route based on shipment quantity by relying on global positioning system. In addition, MC's unique mobile solutions enable customers to track their shipments at any time and anywhere via a pocket computer, mobile phone or even beeper.
Over the past decades, MC has invested more than 8 million dollars in new technologies, which continues to increase by 500,000 dollars each year including the construction of information backbones, PCs, laptops and mobile data exchange system. These investments not only have realized real-time shipment tracking but also have stimulated another round of tide in new business mode around the world.
More importantly, it will lay an excellent technical foundation for MC's further global expansion.

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