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Our Network
With speedy and extensive road network covering major cities in China, we are able to provide all kinds of transport services to meet your customer commitments and expand your market scope. Each week we deliver more than 1,000 batches of shipments by road transport around China

Our trans-pacific Boeing 777 flies between America and China for 5 times each week.
Through four gateway cities (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami) and our transit network, we provide express service and economic express service covering major cities in Amercia and enhance Last-Mile delivery.
To reach the world's largest economy

Asia-Pacific Regions
We have connected all key business centers between Europe and Asia-Pacific regions including Tokyo, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne.
With reliable transit time, we provide more guarantees for nework among countries in Southeast Asia, between Europe and Southeast Asia as well as in China.
Aisan road network for fixed daily transport provides door-to-door importing and exporting road transport freight service, which covers 25 cities including Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar and Laos connected via Hong Kong and China.

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