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Management Mode
Motivation matters more than control. The managers in MC will make suitable adjustments about their subordinates' jobs based on job requirements to achieve first-rate performance. Just as Mr. Zhu mentioned in his report: "We need to enhance our ground operation. "
If every employee is focused on a single goal, the overall performance will be achieved certainly. That's why we have introduced Best Performance Award, which allows 3,000 employees to be focused on improving production efficiency and serving our customers.
And our company has also made appraisal procedures and training plans to make sure that our managers know how to set a good and right example. The company's senior managers are the examples of junior managers.
When you think of MC, you'll think of strict operation standard. MC is always seeking for every possible unique method to satisfy or predict customers' demands. MC motivates each employee to establish corporate image, striving to create a corporate image that is for both customers and employees.
MC's industrial engineers have conducted time research on every single driver's route and established standards in each delivery, suspension and shipment pickup. They have recorded time for red lights, doorbell ringing, walking through yards, going upstairs, coffee breaks, even bathroom breaks into computers and list each driver's detailed standard in daily working hours.
With its relentless efforts on efficiency, MC is widely seen as a company with a brighter future.

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