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Customs Declaration Documents
Customs Declaration Documents
MC has a professional customs clearance team and has professional advice on your official customs declaration. For inquiries, please call: 021-22139050

What information is required for customs declaration?
>Invoice (original by the shipper)
>Packing list (original by the shipper)
>Customs declaration (original by the shipper)
>Customs power of attorney (provided by the shipper)
>Application for inspection (provided by the shipper)
>Contract (original by the shipper)
>Declaration element

What are duties and taxes?
Duties and taxes are subject to the value of the dutiable shipment as assigned by the World Customs Organisation.

Why are duties and taxes imposed?
One of the reason duties and taxes are typically imposed on shipments is to help protect local industries against foreign competition. All information provided on your air waybill, commercial invoice and other relevant documents are used to assess your duties and taxes. The Customs Department will not release any goods until all duties and taxes are paid in full so please provide a detailed description on all shipping documents to help reduce any customs delay.

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