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Basic Introduction
       MC Express(木春) is based in Shanghai, China with more than 28  divisions around the World, including America, UK, Vietnam, Korea and other trading centres.  MC Express has grown up to one of China's large-scale express logistics providers since MC launched its first business in 1987.  In 2018, MC has more than 3000 worldwide employees, over than 360 delivery vans and trucks, dispatching 15000 packages all over the world and providing premium services for 30 countries' clients with intelligent logistics.

In 1987
MC Express was established in Shanghai.
In 1997
MC started to build cooperation with a large number of firms by its logistics networks rapidly and extended its services to Hongkong and Taiwan.
In 2006
MC launched a new branch in London. 286 employees worked in MC and 3058 companies chose to have business with MC at home and abroad in 2006.
In 2007
MC began expanding its business to America,providing the last-mile delivery for New York, Los angeles,Chicago.
In 2010
MC has continued to explore the delivery market in Asia with setting approximately 10 agencies in Singapore,Vietnam and other countries.
In February, 2016,
MC announced its ambitous "Five-Year Investment Plan" in improving and consolidating its American delivery market.

MC makes business happen and becomes easier by serving efficient and reliable services for the international trading.
It has been 31 years since the founder launched its business in Shanghai. In that period, he rode bicycles to start his business just as other courier in China.
Over the past 31 years, MC has faced many challenges especially the influence of global economic crisis in 2008. The number of loss-making enterprises and industries has increased and a large number of export-oriented enterprises have been forced to shut down operations.But MC survived the international financial crisis successfully with its effective crisis management .
We are quite proud of our achievements made by our every single employee. The  reasons for MC's success today can be summarized as three key factors: corporate culture, corporate execution and strict operation standard.
Currently MC Express belongs to "MC China" brand which enjoys a quality market reputation and is engaged in collective competition and unified management, striving to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the world and provide comprehensive business application solutions.
MC Express, a large-scale freight forwarder airline in China, provides speedy and reliable express service, which can be divided into six global regions:
the Middle East
West Europe
Southeast Asia

Motivation matters more than control. The managers in MC will make suitable adjustments about their subordinates' jobs based on job requirements to achieve first-rate performance. Just as Mr. Zhu mentioned in his report: "We need to enhance our ground operation. "
If every employee is focused on a single goal, the overall performance will be achieved certainly. That's why we have introduced Best Performance Award, which allows 3,000 employees to be focused on improving production efficiency and serving our customers.
And our company has also made appraisal procedures and training plans to make sure that our managers know how to set a good and right example. The company's senior managers are the examples of junior managers.
When you think of MC, you'll think of strict operation standard. MC is always seeking for every possible unique method to satisfy or predict customers' demands. MC motivates each employee to establish corporate image, striving to create a corporate image that is for both customers and employees.
MC's industrial engineers have conducted time research on every single driver's route and established standards in each delivery, suspension and shipment pickup. They have recorded time for red lights, doorbell ringing, walking through yards, going upstairs, coffee breaks, even bathroom breaks into computers and list each driver's detailed standard in daily working hours.
With its relentless efforts on efficiency, MC is widely seen as a company with a brighter future.

Compared with competitors, MC attaches more importance to quality and efficiency while less importance to the application of advanced technology. The senior leaders in MC's Information Service Department admitted, "If you were in our information service agency in 2005, technically what you were in is actually an agency in 1995."
Now after shippers print shipment label in MC system, all data will be uploaded into MC's huge electronic tracking system in a real-time manner. Meawhile, shippers can inquire these data online and even see consignees' signature. Road traffic situation and customers' onsite shipment pickup demands can be transferred to drivers via DIAD.
Even with decades of ground transport experience, MC still plans each driver's route based on shipment quantity by relying on global positioning system. In addition, MC's unique mobile solutions enable customers to track their shipments at any time and anywhere via a pocket computer, mobile phone or even beeper.
Over the past decades, MC has invested more than 8 million dollars in new technologies, which continues to increase by 500,000 dollars each year including the construction of information backbones, PCs, laptops and mobile data exchange system. These investments not only have realized real-time shipment tracking but also have stimulated another round of tide in new business mode around the world.
More importantly, it will lay an excellent technical foundation for MC's further global expansion.

What's MC's corporate culture?
To be the most customer-experience-focused company in China.
Every single customer's satisfaction and their companies' growth are always MC's unremitting pursuit.
We deliver tons of  packages and documents every day with care and attention, knowing that every package is quite important for you and your customers. Regardless of shipments' weight and distance, we are always meticulous in every delivery. And we are always ready to listen to your demands and customize our service anytime and anywhere.
Even if delivery deadline is tomorrow or delivery needs to be revised with new destination, we'll surely accept your requirements and fulfill our mission.
We are proud of our huge network and advanced technology, but we know that the essence of success is the sincere cooperation between each member of your company and each employee in MC.
The customer representative from MC for you knows about you and your business demands and have a close contact with balance 3,000 employees in MC, striving to deliver your documents, packages or containers to your destination and expand your business beyond the barriers from boundaries, distance, language and currency.
Connecting people and companies around the world to support business expansion is always our mission!

With speedy and extensive road network covering major cities in China, we are able to provide all kinds of transport services to meet your customer commitments and expand your market scope. Each week we deliver more than 1,000 batches of shipments by road transport around China

Our trans-pacific Boeing 777 flies between America and China for 5 times each week.
Through four gateway cities (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Miami) and our transit network, we provide express service and economic express service covering major cities in Amercia and enhance Last-Mile delivery.
To reach the world's largest economy

Asia-Pacific Regions
We have connected all key business centers between Europe and Asia-Pacific regions including Tokyo, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Sydney and Melbourne.
With reliable transit time, we provide more guarantees for nework among countries in Southeast Asia, between Europe and Southeast Asia as well as in China.
Aisan road network for fixed daily transport provides door-to-door importing and exporting road transport freight service, which covers 25 cities including Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar and Laos connected via Hong Kong and China.

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