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Development History
In 1987
MC Express was established in Shanghai.
In 1997
MC started to build cooperation with a large number of firms by its logistics networks rapidly and extended its services to Hongkong and Taiwan.
In 2006
MC launched a new branch in London. 286 employees worked in MC and 3058 companies chose to have business with MC at home and abroad in 2006.
In 2007
MC began expanding its business to America,providing the last-mile delivery for New York, Los angeles,Chicago.
In 2010
MC has continued to explore the delivery market in Asia with setting approximately 10 agencies in Singapore,Vietnam and other countries.
In February, 2016,
MC announced its ambitous "Five-Year Investment Plan" in improving and consolidating its American delivery market.

MC makes business happen and becomes easier by serving efficient and reliable services for the international trading.
It has been 31 years since the founder launched its business in Shanghai. In that period, he rode bicycles to start his business just as other courier in China.
Over the past 31 years, MC has faced many challenges especially the influence of global economic crisis in 2008. The number of loss-making enterprises and industries has increased and a large number of export-oriented enterprises have been forced to shut down operations.But MC survived the international financial crisis successfully with its effective crisis management .
We are quite proud of our achievements made by our every single employee. The  reasons for MC's success today can be summarized as three key factors: corporate culture, corporate execution and strict operation standard.
Currently MC Express belongs to "MC China" brand which enjoys a quality market reputation and is engaged in collective competition and unified management, striving to support small and medium-sized enterprises in the world and provide comprehensive business application solutions.
MC Express, a large-scale freight forwarder airline in China, provides speedy and reliable express service, which can be divided into six global regions:
the Middle East
West Europe
Southeast Asia

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